Technical requirements

You will need to connect to the following destination ports for any Puppet class. You may need to ask your network administrator to add rules allowing access.

  • Puppet Enterprise Console and other services: HTTPS on port 443
  • Linux login: SSH on port 22
  • Windows Remote Desktop: RDP on port 3389
  • AWS is used for the Linux/Windows Virtual Machines so you must have the ability to open or turn off your firewall or VPN.

Classroom requirements

  • For all classes, you must have a computer with a modern browser: current versions of Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari. For Internet Explorer, we only support version 11.
  • For virtual classes, you need to be able to connect to You must check that you meet Zoom's requirements before the start of your class.
  • For virtual classes, you need a webcam, microphone, and computer audio.

Private training

All course requirements above apply to private trainings. In addition, the following are required:
  1. A disruption-free room to hold the number of students (15 max) for the duration of the class.
  2. Wi-Fi/internet connection.
  3. Laptop or desktop computer for each student. Detailed requirements for the student computers are listed above.
  4. Projector & screen capable of connecting to the instructor’s computer.
  5. Whiteboard or large notepad for trainer to draw diagrams.


I've registered for a public training class but will not be able to attend. How can I reschedule my class?
Contact our training operations team:

How do I get information on using vouchers?
Contact our training operations team:

How can I get a proof of completion for a private training?
Please ensure that all of your trainees are registered via the registration page sent to you by your Puppet Professional Services Coordinator. This is required to track attendance and issue certificates of completion. Unregistered students will not be able to claim their certificate of completion for the course.

Where can I find tutorials on using the Git server?
Our courses use GitLab. We strongly recommend students complete the GitLab tutorial before class begins.

Do I need to install a PDF reader?
Most modern browsers have a PDF reader built-in or use a platform standard reader. Readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader can be used free of charge.

How can I correct issues with the video conferencing ( system?
Check the network requirements.