Achieve business outcomes quickly and easily

Tackle Boxes are consultative guides to support you in quickly and easily achieving common business outcomes with Puppet. In each Tackle Box we identify the prerequisites, walk you through the process step-by-step, and share where the "gotchas" are and how to navigate through them.

At the end of each Tackle Box, you can check if you're ready to go and then download the handy job aid to implement the solution in your environment.

By using these Tackle Boxes, you can address challenges hook, line, and sinker. Not sure where to cast your line? First, choose a category. Then, open the Tackle Box labeled with the outcome you want to achieve.

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Configure PE

After you install Puppet Enterprise (PE), optimize it for your environment by configuring and tuning settings.

Keep your data private and ensure secure automation by encrypting communication channels.

Configure WinRM security

Run recurring tasks with PE to streamline your workflow.

Schedule Puppet tasks

Keep your system secure by connecting to a SAML identity provider (IdP) to log into PE with single sign-on (SSO).

Connecting PE to a SAML Identity Provider

Stay up to date and take advantage of all the new features and fixes by upgrading PE.

Upgrade PE from a Standard Installation

Enforce desired state in PE

You know the desired state for your environment — now use Puppet to automate setting and maintaining it.

Prevent data loss and eliminate SSL problems by configuring the network time protocol (NTP) on server clocks across a network.

Manage NTP with PE

Make on-demand changes with tasks

Eliminate soul-crushing work and focus on what you’re really passionate about.

Quickly gather system wide information by running tasks across agent-managed nodes.

Explore Puppet task capabilities on agent-managed nodes

Use PE to easily gather and act upon information running tasks across agentless nodes.

Explore Puppet task capabilities on agentless nodes

Respond quickly to changing needs and scale confidently by tuning and monitoring your Puppet deployment.

Deploy Sensu agents by using Puppet tasks

Implement CD4PE

Analyze and deliver Puppet code changes with speed and confidence by integrating Continuous Delivery for Puppet Enterprise (CD4PE) with PE.

Install CD4PE with or without direct internet access - both methods give you a Kubernetes cluster and full CD4PE installation.

Streamline your code deployment pipeline with CD4PE

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