Learning Roadmaps

Whatever your role and level of experience, we offer training and resources to help you develop your Puppet skills. Use the form below to tell us about yourself so we can show you the best learning path.


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Based on your selections above, the list below shows the courses we recommend sorted in the order that we suggest you take them. Click on any class and learn more about each course or contact us to help you get registered.

Intro to Puppet

Get a quick primer on Puppet before you get into the weeds. Learn why you should use Puppet and get exposed to the core concepts of the Puppet DSL and Puppet capabilities.


Learning VM

Take Puppet for a test drive in a free downloadable virtual machine with our interactive tutorial and learning environment to get you started with Puppet or level up the skills you already have.


Intro to DevOps

Learn core DevOps principles, common tools, methodologies, and how they can be leveraged in your organization. People are key to DevOps adoption and this course focuses heavily on how to successfully transform your organization’s culture.

In Person

Puppetizing Infrastructure

Quickly get started managing your infrastructure with your existing Puppet Master-agent setup. Learn the essential concepts of the Puppet ecosystem required to describe and manage your infrastructure.


Puppet Fundamentals

Learn firsthand best practices for managing your infrastructure with Puppet. You’ll learn how to install Puppet, write classes, and create modules.

In Person Virtual

Puppet Essentials for Windows

Explore managing aspects of a Windows system configuration by leveraging existing modules and practice utilizing resource types, providers, and extensions.


Puppet Practitioner

Learn how to design and build modules following best practices, extend modules from the Forge and develop best practices for implementing roles and profiles.

In Person Virtual

Puppet Architect

Learn practical skills used to architect Puppet infrastructure and to understand interactions between different components.

In Person Virtual

Puppet 4 Parser

Learn about the new features in the Puppet 4 parser including consistency features, data type support, about breaking changes, and how to update legacy patterns.



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