Puppetizing Infrastructure

Puppetizing Infrastructure


Learn the essential concepts of the Puppet Enterprise ecosystem required to describe and manage infrastructure using publicly available modules.


This course is offered both in-person and virtually. The full course schedule, including virtual classes, is available below.

In this three-day course, students will use the Puppet Enterprise console and write platform discovery tools (facts), troubleshoot common Puppet errors and misconfigurations, and use native platform tooling with Puppet on several platforms including Windows and Linux. After completing this course, students will be able to describe and manage infrastructure as code using Puppet in a master-agent setup. Students will also be able to describe and use a workflow for iterating on Puppet Code using version control and environments.


3 days

Course Content

  • Overview of Puppet
  • Puppet component roles
  • Version control workflow
  • Using modules from the Puppet Forge
  • Core Puppet concepts
  • Understanding Puppet code
  • Managing Puppet code
  • Roles and profiles
  • Classification techniques
  • Using templates
  • Puppetizing existing services and applications
  • Creating and using custom facts
  • Managing site-specific data with Hiera
  • Troubleshooting techniques


In this course, we expect students have little or no experience with Puppet Enterprise (or open source Puppet) and are looking to build a foundation for future growth, experience, and knowledge. The course is designed to benefit DevOps professionals with a basic understanding of the core systems administration problem space.

In order to complete the course successfully, students need to have experience equivalent to a junior sys admin. Familiarity with scripting in PowerShell and/or Bash is recommended.

Students will be provided with access to a hosted classroom environment and must review the technical requirements prior to the start of class.


This class is also offered as a live virtual class: Virtual Puppetizing Infrastructure.


3 Days

Additional Notes

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