Puppet Practitioner

Puppet Practitioner


Learn how to design, build, and extend modules from the Forge and develop best practices for implementing roles and profiles.


Puppet Practitioner teaches the mastery of the Puppet language and design patterns used for configuration management with Puppet.

What you will learn:
  • Demonstrate the mastery of fundamental Puppet language constructs.
  • Demonstrate the usage of advanced language constructs.
  • Build well-architected modules appropriate for sharing with the community.
  • Identify and compare common design patterns.
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems using data provided by Puppet.
  • Identify and follow Puppet, and know how to deviate when necessary.


To succeed in this course, you need to have a solid understanding of configuration management strategies. You should have taken Getting Started with Puppet and have 6+ months of experience using Puppet. You should have familiarity with the following concepts:

  • Recall fundamental concepts about classes and modules.
  • Describe the Resource Abstraction Layer.
  • Describe how scope affects the Puppet language.
  • Examine puppet.conf and identify important configuration options.
  • Using Git or recent training in Git


Puppet Practitioner Datasheet

Technical Requirements

Puppet courses have specific technical requirements. Review the documentation to ensure your system meets the requirements for this course.



3 Days

Additional Notes

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