Puppet Essentials for Windows

Puppet Essentials for Windows


Learn best practices for managing Windows systems using Puppet.


The course provides a detailed overview of managing aspects of a Windows system configuration by leveraging existing modules in a hands-on, iterative manner. After completing the course, students will be able to discuss the benefits of the Puppet solution as it applies to their own automation business needs, especially related to Windows and blended environments. Students will be able to write Puppet code to manage the configurations of Windows systems leveraging existing modules. Puppet Essentials for Windows is taught through a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises.


6 hours

Course Content

  • Properly setting up a Puppet Agent on a Windows box
  • Running Puppet on Windows
  • Understanding the nuances of Windows file paths in manifests
  • Increasing productivity with Puppet Forge modules
  • Using core Puppet resource types on Windows


Students should have a clear understanding of Puppet terminology, methodologies, and concepts and must have a strong understanding of the Windows operating system. Students should have taken Puppet Fundamentals or have 3+ months of experience using Puppet.

Students will be provided with access to a hosted classroom environment and must review the technical requirements prior to the start of class.



6 hours

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