Intro to Puppet

Intro to Puppet


Intro to Puppet gives you a quick way to learn about Puppet's product portfolio without going too deep into technical details.


Come to class with questions about what Puppet can do for you. Leave class with a better understanding of the core concepts and capabilities of Bolt and tasks, Puppet language and Puppet Enterprise.

Course Content

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the different parts of the Puppet Portfolio and their use cases.
  • Discuss how Puppet can provide solutions for infrastructure management, provisioning, configuration management, and development practices.
  • Know how to see the current state of your systems and environments.
  • Use Bolt & Puppet tasks to run scripts or initial automation tasks on multiple nodes.
  • Model declarative state for ongoing platform management.
  • Understand automated application delivery on a stable platform.

Technical Requirements

Please review the documentation to ensure your system meets the requirements for this course.


This course requires no experience with Puppet products.


You must be able to connect to the Internet.


  • Puppet portfolio overview
  • Puppet Bolt and tasks
  • Overview of Puppet Enterprise
  • Overview of Puppet development


  • $400 USD


3 hours

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