Introduction to Bolt


Bolt is an open source task runner that automates the manual work that you do to maintain your infrastructure. Use Bolt to automate tasks that you perform on your infrastructure on an as-needed basis, such as troubleshooting a system, deploying an application, or stopping and restarting services. Bolt connects directly to remote nodes with SSH or WinRM, so you are not required to install any agent software. Bolt tasks invoke changes on remote nodes in a Puppet Enterprise infrastructure and are run using the PE orchestrator. In two short modules, this training provides an introduction to both Bolt and Bolt tasks.


Course objectives:

  • Learn how to run a command, script, and task using Bolt
  • Understand how to choose between using model-driven configuration management and running a task
  • Learn how to run a task from both the command line and the console
  • Install and use tasks in modules

This training is designed for those with basic sysadmin skills:

  • Server configuration and provisioning maintenance tasks
  • Automating tasks with scripts


45 minutes


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This training is free.