Puppet Basics Learning Path


This collection of self-paced learning modules provides you with a solid foundation on configuration management with Puppet.


Through a mix of video, text, and quizzes, you will learn about a range of topics, from writing Puppet code to using Bolt to run ad-hoc tasks. By the end, you will be ready to dive into one of our instructor-led trainings, such as Getting Started with Puppet.

What you will learn

  • How the Puppet language works
  • How to identify and work with the different parts of Puppet
  • How to execute ad hoc tasks with Bolt
  • When to use Bolt and when to use state-based configuration


This path is intended for those who have not used Puppet or those who are new to coding and the Puppet language. There are no technical requirements for this learning path.


3 Days


Understand Puppet's model-driven configuration by learning about its essential building blocks.

Build confidence and familiarity with the Puppet language through established best practices. Start by learning the components of Puppet and finish by walking through a real-world scenario to solve problems with the Puppet DSL.


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This training is free.