Puppet Fundamentals

Puppet Fundamentals


Learn firsthand best practices for managing your infrastructure with Puppet Enterprise. You’ll learn how to install Puppet Enterprise, write classes, and create modules.


In this three-day course, students will start by installing Puppet Enterprise, then learn Puppet best practices and use Puppet to write simple classes, and update and extend existing modules. Fundamentals is taught through a combination of lecture and relevant, real world, hands-on exercises. After completing this course, students will be able to deploy basic system configurations using best practices for Puppet in a Master-Agent setup.


3 days

Course Content

The fundamental component roles that make up Puppet Enterprise (and Puppet Open Source).

The core concepts for the Puppet DSL, including:

  • Modules and Classes
  • Classification
  • Resources
  • Relationships
  • Language Constructs

Separating logic from presentation by using Templates.

Modeling repeatable portions of your configuration by using Defined Resource Types.

Building a foundation for building more complex configurations by using Advanced Classes:

  • Parameterized Classes
  • Introduction to Inheritance
  • Introduction to Data Separation using Hiera
  • Revisiting Classification using parameterized classes & ADB

An introduction to using modules from the Puppet Forge and Supported Modules.

A brief introduction to the Roles and Profiles design pattern.



In this course, we expect students to have little to no experience with Puppet Enterprise (or Puppet Open Source) and are looking to build a foundation for future growth, experience, and knowledge.

This course is recommended for Linux/Unix users who know the command line, such as Bash, and are familiar with operating system concepts such as services, packages and configuration files. Student should also be familiar with a text editor. Puppet trainers typically use Vim, but you may use any text editor you are comfortable with. The provided Training VM includes vim, emacs and nano.

Students definitely need junior-level sysadmin skills. For example:

  • how to restart a service
  • what an entry in the hosts file means
  • what a hostname is
  • how to troubleshoot basic networking problems such as name lookups, DNS lookups, and basic connectivity

Be able to configure a virtual machine (either of VMware or VirtualBox) to use bridged or NAT networking.

If you'd like an opportunity to refresh your Unix skills before logging in, you might work through the following material:


Have the Training VM downloaded to your computer before you show up. We will run through the configuration and installation for this VM in class, so it is not necessary to boot it up prior to class. Just make sure that it's on your computer and you know how to start it.


This class is now offered in a live virtual class. Same content, but from the comfort of your home or office. Virtual Puppet Fundamentals.


3 Days

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