Intro to Puppet

Intro to Puppet


Get a quick primer on Puppet before you get into the weeds. Learn why you should use Puppet Enterprise and get exposed to the core concepts of the Puppet DSL and Puppet Enterprise capabilities.


Students will be exposed to the core concepts of the Puppet DSL and the components that constitute Puppet Enterprise. This course is primarily lecture based, but will include relevant, real world examples showing Puppet Enterprise's ability to solve issues you face in managing your infrastructure.


3 hours

Course Content

After completing this course, students will be able to appropriately evaluate Puppet Enterprise as the leading solution for configuration management.

  • Overview: About Puppet
  • Basic Puppet Concepts
  • The PE Ecosystem
    • Facter
    • Puppet master
    • Puppet agent
    • PE Console
    • PuppetDB
    • Hiera
    • Puppet Forge
  • Modules and Classes



In this course, we expect students with little to no experience with Puppet Enterprise (or Puppet Open Source) and who are looking to build a foundation for future growth, experience, and knowledge.


  • $400 USD


3 hours

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