Learning VM

The Learning VM comes with Puppet Enterprise pre-installed. The included Quest Guide gives you an in-depth tour of Puppet with a series of details, multi-step quests.



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Virtual Training Subscription

We've got virtual training for any budget. With the purchase of a Virtual Training Subscription, you get access to every virtual training course for 50% off over the next year.

Puppetizing Infrastructure

Learn the essential concepts of the Puppet ecosystem, how to leverage community modules to describe and manage your infrastructure as Puppet code, in this 3-day online course.

What is This DevOps Thing Anyway?

Looking to transform your organization, breakdown traditional work silos and build cross-functional processes? Or maybe you're just curious as to what the buzz is all about. Either way, our Introduction to DevOps course is the place to start. Or take Introduction to DevOps + Fundamentals to kickstart your DevOps transformation.

Multi-Class Discount

Register for both Puppet Fundamentals and either Puppet Architect or Puppet Practitioner at the same time, and receive 20% off both courses.


We have resources, including a practice exam, to help you prepare.