Learning Paths

Puppet Basics

Looking to get started with Puppet? These self-paced courses guide you through the basics of configuration management with Puppet. By the end, you will be ready to dive into our instructor-led training.

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Puppet Learning VM Series

Looking for hands-on learning? Start with a video series and then download your own self-paced, interactive Puppet learning environment.

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Intermediate Puppet

Ready to expand your Puppet skills? These self-paced and instructor-led trainings take you from beginner to ready for the Puppet Practitioner course.

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Instructor-led Training

Getting Started with Puppet

Guided, hands-on instruction you need to start managing your infrastructure using the power of Puppet’s products.

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Puppet Practitioner

A deeper dive into the Puppet language and building modules for experienced Puppet users.

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Intro to Puppet

A primer so you can learn about Puppet without diving into technical details.

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